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Spending an afternoon at Marymount during my internship!

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My rocks!
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Walking for my Masters. An interesting book end as this all started when I graduated from undergrad!

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Awesome Nurses!
After my port removal and saying goodbye to my chemo nurses before moving away from Michigan. Wouldn't be doing that without them!

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Last Chemo

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 177. A Nap!

Yeah, it sounds ridiculous but a nap is what made me smile today!!  I have been having a hard time falling asleep at night the past couple nights.  So I have been dragging during the day.  So this afternoon I decided to just snuggle down and take a short nap!  I was so comfy when I woke up that getting up and getting back to homework and studying was not a happy thought!  Lol!  Never take for granted the simple joy and comfort of a nap!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 176. Knowing When to Fold Them.

I have a song stuck in my head called The  Gambler. I can't remember who sang it right now but there is a line in the chorus that says "you got to know when to fold em". Tonight I had to take that advice on a sewing project.

 I am making a quilt for a good friend and some of the material I chose was just too difficult to handle. It made it look really cool but also lopsided as I could not so this material straight!  I was just becoming extremely frustrated trying to make it work. But as soon as I was able to let it go, or fold, I started to feel excited about the sewing project again!  I just had to get to the point of extreme frustration before I could give up that idea and turn to a new style!  I love being able to make blankets and things for friends and this is still going to turn out looking pretty great even without the worlds most frustrating but cool looking fabric!  Lol!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 175. Workout / Study!

Today was the first day I went to the gym and studied at the same time!  lol!  I have 4 modules recorded on my phone and listened to three of them while on the treadmill:).  Sounds boring, I know.  And to be truthful...it wasn't all that exciting.  But what I am happy about is finding new ways to get in the cardio I need because being a student is a VERY sedentary lifestyle and was still able to at the very least have the information I need to study coming through my ear buds.  (although I think I would have liked some upbeat music more!).

Working out and studying...not sure it will work but I feel like I am accomplishing more with this multi tasking.  Getting a little innovative with my homework!  Lol!.  I have 19 days until my certification exam and in those 19 days I plan to get a lot of cardio to help get my brain working and a lot of focused and organized studying because I WILL PASS THIS TEST ON THE FIRST TRY!!  Chemo brain or no chemo brain....I will do this!  So please say some prayers my work out / study routine helps!!  And just incase anyone is wondering...the gym is not the only place I study for the test:).  My couch and dinner table are also places I study with classmates quizzing me now and then!

Ok, this very random and babbling blog post shall end with this final thought.  It is CRAZY what I am finding makes me happy!  Lol!  Studying is no fun, especially with my absolutely retched chemo minted memory,  but the fact that I feel so motivated to do the best I can in this field (including studying) is pretty amazing to me!  It feels good to feel motivated!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 174. First Time!

There are a lot of "first times" in life.  Some are big and some are small.  Today I had a small first time:).  It's silly but I am rather proud of it!  I made guacamole for the first time by myself!!  Including cutting and pealing the avocado and throwing in a few extra spices just to see what happens:).  It tasted great!  And while I forgot to look at the seasoning pack I used to see whats in it...pretty much all fresh vegetables!  lol!

I'm not going to try to claim that I am going to suddenly start cooking and mixing together new foods but I think I am going to try to be a little more adventurous now and then:).  And since I am looking at first time foods...while I didn't make them, my mom did, I had gluten free brownies for the first time this week too!  They were really good!  Very chocolaty!  lol!.  So here is to a few more culinary first times to come!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 172 & 173. Clear Scans!

I am combining yesterday and today because it felt like one long day for me!  I had two oncology appointments, one each day.  And each one gave me half of a whole picture of my health!  While I had no physical reason to think anything had come back, the emotional side of things wasn't so logical and calm.  I am coming up to graduation and am seeing really good prospects for work ahead of me and that scared me!  Last time I was in this position (graduation and good job prospects) three years ago...I ended up being diagnosed with cancer just a few days before graduation!  So yes, I am nervous of history repeating itself.

But today it is completely official!  I am in good health and steaming ahead full throttle into life!!  Sure, I do still get scared and anxious and I doubt that will ever change.  BUT I am focusing on the good that is ahead of me and today I feel like I was finally given permission to completely throw myself into the move to my internship and job hunting and interviews without that nagging voice in the back of my head saying "what if..."!!  And that feels GREAT!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 171. Train Conductors!

TI've been traveling on the train pretty often lately as it saves me miles on my car going back to forth to mom and dads and school. I enjoy riding the train. It's calming and quiet:). 

I started laughing tonight when I realized I'm always getting the same crew when I travel lately!  Lol!  I'm slowly starting to chat with them and get to know them:). It's kinda cool that train travel is common for me and I'm getting to slowly know the conductors!!  

365 Things to Smile About Day 170. Hello Energy:)

Post for yesterday:)

This will be short and sweet but I was just so happy yesterday to have my energy back!  I didn't go crazy with it but I got things done like laundry and going to Mass and then out to dinner with friends! I like it when life just becomes normal!  No reactions to meds.  No running around for appointments and port flushes.  I like it when I can forget for a while about all the changes that have happened.  And when I get energetic, it makes it easier!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 169. Yes, I'm Loosing It! LOL!

Tonight I had an eye rolling, can't believe that just happened moment!!  I have been coming off the prednisone I take before a CT scan and the second day after the scan I always become completely exhausted and wiped out.  Walking to my mailbox in my apartment building about knocked me out this morning!  So I have not been able to do much today, much less go anywhere.  

I have been dozing on and off in bed pretty much the whole day.  In between falling asleep I have been watching Dr. Who on Netflix and reading all the Snowmagedon posts on Facebook from my friends back in Virginia.  This evening I was just talking to a friend of mine (who lives here in Michigan) and she was heading to Meijers.  For some reason my mind started thinking "Oh man, she is braving the snow, they must really need stuff at the store!".  Yes, that's right.  My mind is so muddled and I'm so tired from these stupid meds (and quite possibly because I got so excited about moving back there yesterday and all the pictures and posts I have been reading!) I thought I was out in Virginia and snowed in like everyone else!!!!  LOL!!  Not all day mind you.  Just that moment it took for me to realize that while yes, there is snow on the ground, it is in fact not snowing here for once.    I had to remind myself that I was not in Virginia!  LOL!  And that I had been sadly looking at the beautiful sun this afternoon wishing I had the energy to be out there!  I am so ready for these stupid meds to be out of my system already!  It's not nice for them to make my brain think I am already home!  Lol!  Glad this only happens once a year now!!  

Friday, January 22, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 168. Great News!!

This morning I woke up to my alarm with gritty feeling eyes and groggy because I couldn't sleep last night.  Coming off these pre scan meds takes a while and my nights and days get messed up a bit.  Then I heard my text message go off on my phone and I tolled over, rubbing my eyes and put on my glasses to read what had come through.  By the end of the message my eyes were wide open and my was heart racing and I couldn't stop laughing!

It was a message from my supervisor saying that things were looking good for my internship!!  Then a few minutes later another message came through saying that I was in!!!  I'll be doing my internship in Richmond, VA this coming summer with the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired!!!  I am going home to Virginia for the summer and MAYBE I can get a job out there too!!  I am feeling on top of the world!!!!  My scan results WILL come out clear and four months from now I will be in Virginia and working in the field I have come to love so much!!!  Two out of two prayers answered isn't bad!  Thank you Lord for Your goodness, kindness and generosity to me!  Thank you for putting the people in my life that got me here and thank you for everything that is to come!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 167. First Poke & No Digging!

I have been spending the past couple weeks getting worked up over my first annual CT check up with my oncologist.  Up until this past year they were coming every six months.  Today I had my CT and I have to admit...I was terrified!  And I don't even have the results yet!  Combine a total phobia of needles with a fear of walking into the CT room at the hospital where I was first diagnosed for the first time since those frighting first days and add severe anxiety over the question of did it come back and you get quite the basket case!!

But I was still able to find something to smile about:).  First, my dad drove two hours to where I am going to school and where I had to have the CT scan just to be with me!  (yes, I am going to the same school I was at when diagnosed!  That is a whole other can of PTSD worms!).  So dad was there letting me squeeze the circulation off from his thumb and talking and making jokes and just being his tall, strong, calm, steady self I have always known him to be and depend on!  And then there was my wonderful nurse / technician who's name I can't remember but who listened to me when I told him about my phobia of needles and how I have never gotten an IV without multiple sticks and / or digging for the vein because mine liked to hide deep down in my arms!  He worked on both of my arms until he was sure he had a good vein and got it on the first poke and no digging!!!  God bless that wonderful man!!!!

Once the needle was in and the CT started I found I had stopped shaking and had stopped remembering being wheeled in on a gurney to that room in the middle of the night almost three years ago.  I started breathing normally and started repeating over in my head, "It's going to be clear.  It's going to be clear.".  And I couldn't help but smile.  A real smile, not the nervous smiling and laughing I have always done.  Yes, I was and am still afraid.  I'm not sure I'll ever get that scan and not be.  But today, I was able to put it aside for a moment, like my mom has been trying to teach me, and focus on the positive thought that everything was going to be ok.  I'll get the results next month and then...keep moving forward.  :)

365 Things to Smile About Day 166. Laughter

Yesterday was a rough day.  I seem to have a lot of those around check up time.  But part of what made yesterday good was going to the Low Vision Clinic (my happy place) and being around people who know me, believe in me and are doing everything they can to help me become the best low vision therapist I can be.  And they make me laugh!!

I know that every time I go there I am going to learn something new, help someone use their remaining vision better and I am going to laugh!  And not just laugh...but that snort like a crazy person through your noise, turn beat red laugh!  The kind that makes your sides hurt and the tears role down your face!  Because I know I am going to be around people who are kind, good at their jobs, committed to education to those of us coming up in the field and just plain hilarious!!  And it feels GOOD!  Having that place that no matter how difficult things are, I can go there and do good things, make a difference and laugh.  I want to laugh so much more!  I want to be happy all the time!  And until I get there, I know at least once to twice a week I am going to be able to go to a place that makes me happy and makes me laugh!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 165. Studying with Friends!!

I use to always consider studying a solitary thing.  I had tried study groups when I went back to undergrad and it seemed most of the time was spent talking about everything but what we were studying!  So I gave up on them.

Tonight however, I am very grateful for having people to study with!  I'm so happy that two classmates came over for dinner and quizzing!!!  We covered two out of twelve study modules and I am already feeling better about this test!!!  It helps having someone to just quiz you on the questions and information and then be able to talk out the answers and share experiences and different things each of you has learned.

Thank you ladies for helping me feel more positive and confident!!!  Four more weeks to go and I know I can make it with your amazing help!!

365 Things to Smile About Days 164 Good friends:)

Yesterday was a rough and stressful day so I ended up not getting the blog post up for it until today.

I had to go into the hospital where I was first diagnosed yesterday to get my prep for my annual CT scan.  Because of my school schedule I have to have it done out here rather than the usual hospital I go to.  This was actually pretty frightening.  The last time I was walking through those on the first floor I was going in for my hysterectomy and staging of my cancer.  And before that I had spent a terrifying 5 days at that hospital trying to figure out what was wrong with me!  So needless to say, I did not want to walk back in there.  I had been forced to go to the ER a year ago because I got really sick during school and that was a frightening experience...bringing back so many memories I had tried to bury for a while.

I knew I had to go though.  I just couldn't bring myself to get in my car and drive there.  And that is where a very good friend came in!  I asked if he could help me out and he was there for me with no hesitation!  He picked me up, drove me there and walked in with me.  He kept me talking and kept trying to make me laugh with his positive and optimistic and silly way:).  I keep on trying to do so much of this alone thinking that I can't always rely on my parents to be there for me.  They have been my primary support system in this whole journey and I have been afraid to reach out to friends to help in the physical support.  I was so grateful I reached out yesterday though!  And I love this friend even more!!  He stepped into that support role without a question and held me up and kept me moving yesterday to do what I had to do!  Definitely worth smiling about!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 163. Relaxing and Sewing:)

Something I learned many years back is that sewing on blankets or other projects (not clothes) relaxes me.  Earlier today I was talking to a friend and she mentioned she had gotten a new bed and head board that she loved.  So I asked her if I could make a blanket for her.  We settled on the colors (a nice combo of purples!) and I got the fabric this evening and started working on it a couple hours ago:).

I was reminded how much I can relax while sewing.  I put on some pleasant, instrumental music and let it wash over me.  There is a repetitiveness to sewing that I find soothing along with the music.  And I love seeing something I am making come together piece by piece:).  It also gives me time to just let my mind wander in a positive way.  One thought I had was thinking into the future.  Just an image in my mind of sewing one night and having my little daughter come out from bed because she had woken up and needed a hug.  And no, I don't have a daughter right now but the image that came to mind made me stop and realize how much I want that  picture in my mind to be true some day.  So not only does sewing help me relax but that relaxing helps me see what is really important to me:).

Saturday, January 16, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Days 160, 161 and 162. Rough But Moving On

So the past few days have been a little rough.  In fact, yesterday involved a small melt down at the cancer center getting a blood draw.  It hurt so bad when the needle went into my port and continued to hurt so they had to take it out.  It was in perfectly but for some reason my pain sensors decided to fire on all thrusters!  I held ice to it for about 15 minutes and in that time I found myself looking around the infusion room remembering and feelings of going through treatment.  Wanting to reach out to someone I can't reach out to anymore for comfort.  Then my brain started thinking about someday having to do it again if there was a repeat performance by the nasty bugger.  Needless to say the tears started flowing and I couldn't stop them!  The second poke went smoothly and I only felt the initial sting this time but I still couldn't stop crying.  So I have been struggling.

Well, today I had to get up early and ride the train back to school.  I found myself staying busy when I got home...unpacking and doing my grocery shopping and trying to study (falling asleep!) and making a really good dinner and then doing my workout routine in the family room.  And then I realized, yes, it's been rough lately in a lot of different ways.  But I was able to keep moving forward. No amazing, clear realization came with it.  No euphoric feeling.  Just the ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Keep moving.  And finding little things to smile about.  Like texting with friends.  Or a song on the radio.  Or the satisfaction that comes with making a dinner that actually tasted good!  My taste buds have been doing funky things these past couple years so I am never sure of a good tasting meal!  Lol!:).  So, here is my thing to smile about.  Even when it is rough, I can keep moving forward.  :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 159. Continuing My New Look!

Since Christmas I have been working on my look.  I have always liked a very classic, simple look but lately I have been finding myself being pulled towards a classic look with a little edge and attitude added to it!  I blame my new coat!  That started it all!!!  It's just so fabulous that now I want to continue feeling fabulous!  Lol!

Tonight I was at the Low Vision Clinic (which is what I call my happy place!) for observation hours and shortly after arriving (and then running back out to my car in the snow for my notebook!) I was whisked back into the room with all the frames where one of the girls had me trying on frames!  Lol!  We found two possibilities!   While I am not sure, it seems like there has been a consensus at the clinic that my frames were not working with the new look!  Lol!  And I can't argue!!  I have never liked these frames but they were the best I could afford with my insurance at the time:).

I was laughing so hard when what can loosely be termed an intervention happened at the end of the evening letting me know that my frames were from the 60's and had to go!  Lol!!  I can now afford nicer frames and I need an eye exam anyway so I shall continue building my new look with a pair of hot, fashionable frames!  Lol!!  I'll post a picture when I get them!!! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 158. Choose to Laugh!

There are so many times in life where we find ourselves saying "I just wanted to cry". And about half the time we are actually just joking. But sometimes there comes a time when we really, really just want to cry.  It is in those moments where we have a choice. We can either cry like we so desperately want to or we can laugh.

This morning when I went out to my car to go to class I was greeted by probably 6 inches of snow on the ground.  It felt more like a foot on top of my car! And while my car is not very big, neither am I!  Even with all 5 foot three of me and my Snowbrush and scraper I could not get all the snow off the top of my car!  It was a huge struggle just to get it off my windshield!  Now let's add in the fact that it was rather windy this morning and still snowing. That really fine snow that can find its way into the smallest little crack and crevice anywhere. So as I was wiping the snow off my car, it was being blown back into my face!  A rather blinding and chilly experience!  With a face and a mouth full of snow and wind blowing even more at me I hit that point of just wanting to cry.

Then I realized two things. First, if I started to cry it would simply just freeze on my face and make things worse. The other thing that I could do is laugh. So I started laughing and couldn't stop until after I got my car cleaned off and was sitting inside it trying to warm up!  It was ridiculous! There was snow everywhere and I simply couldn't get away from it! I had it in my coat, up the legs of my jeans and plastered on my face and in my hair! And I am not a fan of snow! But laughing about it made me realize it's really not that big of a deal and actually I must've looked pretty hilarious laughing and jumping trying to get the snow from the center of my windshield and back window off of my car without all of it going down the inside of the collar of my jacket!!  

So when you are faced with a very strong urge to cry in fear, anger, frustration or any other emotion...take a step back and laugh instead!  I promise, if you laugh about it instead of getting angry about it, it'll make the rest of your day so much better! So given the chance of cry or laugh…laugh!!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 157. First of a Last!

I'm being a little silly but today was the first day of my last semester.  This actually has me really excited!  The end of the road is finally in sight with this degree! I didn't think it was going to take this long but I'm kind of glad that it did. That being said, I'm really glad to be getting out of here!

So here's to the first day of my last semester at Western. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 156. Dance it Out!

Today I had an exciting phone call from a place I had turned a resume in to for a job.  There was no interview or offer or anything like that but they showed interest pretty quick and that was what was exciting!  In fact, when she heard I still had to do my internship she mentioned they do internships there too and that I should mention them to my supervisor.  That was kinda cool!  She obviously liked something about my resume!

Because of that call I started thinking about living expenses in different places.  I have done that before but never sat down and completely broke down the numbers.  This particular place was in Florida so I did the numbers for my repeating bills (and the painful student loans!) and then started looking at housing.  I finally came up with a minimum I need to make to just live from pay check to pay check with no savings...and I just realized I forgot to add health insurance to the equation!  Hmm.  Anyway, I was starting to feel my anxiety kick in and that is something I have felt too much in the past month and I was just completely done!

I had the Golden Globes on in the back ground while I was thinking about this and texting a friend and a song came on (I think in a commercial) as I was walking to the kitchen and I started to dance a little to it.  In a few seconds I literally felt a small rush of excitement and decided to turn on Pandora. The first song that came on had me dancing all over my family room and suddenly my anxiety was gone!  I just felt happy and energized!  Not a combo of feelings I have been feeling very often lately! So I think I have found a little help for anxiety...just dance it out!  Turn up a beat and let loose!  Let it all go and just enjoy the music and freedom and dancing around the room!!!  It sounds silly but it kicks those endorphins into gear and anxiety and stress disappear!

I'm not saying this is a permanent solution.  But it can help you to pull out of a sad and anxious mood for a few minutes and once you let go of the problem you can realize there is only so much you can do for now and you have done all that.  So just keep doing what you are doing.  And if you look into the future and it isn't making sense and getting scary...dance it out!!  :)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 155. Dinner Party!

Tonight I had a few classmates over for a potluck dinner party and it was really fun! Drinking, eating, talking and just hanging out!!  Makes me excited to start the new semester and get to know the people in my program better!!!

I also had wine and didn't get a headache!!!  For those of you who know me...I'm as shocked as you are!  Both red and white!  Both really good!!!  

So a good night tonight and a good semester ahead!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 154. Really Big Books!

A friend on Facebook broached the idea of starting a FB group to read The Brother's Karamazov and discuss it on the page.  I thought this was a great idea and decided it was probably smart to read about something other than diseases that cause eye problems and how older people can get eye diseases and how to work with an older population and more research.  I love my field but that is some DRY reading!!!

So to supplement this dry reading...I am picking up a Russian novel written by one of the more depressing (albeit genius) of the Russian authors of that time period!  LOL!  I'll consider it an accomplishment if I make it through and it will hopefully be easier if I have others reading it too and keeping me honest:).  So here is to really big books!!!  LOL!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 153. I Love Sales!

I have never been a big fan of shopping because I tend to get sensory overload and dizzy at big stores and malls.  But lately I have been trying to embrace the happiness of a little retail therapy!  And I have been finding great sales!!!

This morning I got myself up and moving and out of the apartment and ended up doing a little mall walking.  I did a little browsing but mostly just cruising through along in front of the stores.  But then I came to Bath and Body Works and saw they were having one of their big sales!  So I stocked up a little bit on hand lotion, hand soap and body spray!  5 items for $18!!  I was happy!  Now my hands smell like peaches!  Lol!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 152. Sinking into Bed!!

Today was a busy but good day!!  Full of low vision observations and introducing people to low vision aids that's can help them read books, magazines, menus, price tags and all kinds of things people take for granted!!  Seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing their gratitude is really amazing and something I will never get tired doing!!

Tonight though, my happy, smiling moment I'm writing about happened when I finally laid down in bed and my lovely, wonderful, 4 inch think memory foam mattress topper just cradled my whole, wonderfully tired bodey and all my muscles relaxed!!!!  I sighed in relief and then couldn't stop giggling for a minute!!!  It just felt so good to lay down!  Lol!!  Simple things are really wonderful!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 151. School Books and Brownies!

Today was a busy day getting my books for classes and supplies for my last semester and my last parking sticker!  It's kinda nice feeling this program coming to an end and moving on with life.  No more buying school books and no more parking stickers!  Lol!  Moving forward in life into something I love!

Then tonight I decided I was going to make some brownies just because!  Lol!  My apartment smells so good!  It's a little too early but I'm seriously thinking about curling up in bed and falling asleep to the lovely smell of chocolate, fudge brownies!  Lol!

365 Things to Smile About Day 150 Couldn't Stop Laughing Last Night!

Monday and Wednesday nights are good nights for me!  I get to be around people who bring out the happiness in me!  Last night I was pleasantly surprised when a young gentleman flirted with me in a really sweet way that just made me smile and laugh for the rest of the night!!  I'm not going to act on it...not interested...but he was nice and it felt nice to have that kind of attention!  LOL!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 149. Focusing on Today.

Today I got a lot done!  I got up, went to church, went grocery shopping, had a healthy lunch, cleaned my apartment and worked on my study guide, getting it printed in manageable bites.  It felt good!  Especially because the past couple months I have been struggling with motivation and so many other things.  I know why I was struggling but it still took me a while to act on it.  So now I am acting.

I feel lighter, happier and able to just get out there and do not just what I have to do but what I want to do.  Also I have had to not just recognize but also accept lately that doing what I WANT to do isn't a bad thing.

I also learn something else today, and maybe it is obvious to everyone else but it was yet another thing I had to learn on my own.  I learned I can only focus on one day at a time right now.  I have been so busy since treatment trying to plan the rest of my life and get to the rest of my life as soon as possible that I didn't see how I was causing myself more struggles than I needed!  So today I only really focused on today.  Just what I wanted to do today.  And I got a lot done!  If I found myself thinking beyond today I noticed I started to loose momentum and had to just push all those anxious thoughts out of my mind.  It felt good:).  So while I know this isn't the most hilarious and obvious thing to smile about...I am rather happy with myself and can't help but smile over a simple, good day:)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 148. Tea With Mom & Annie!

Today was such a pleasant day!  My friend Annie came over and she, my mom and I went to a local, little tea house that also serves delicious meals!  The ambiance was so quaint a rustic and pretty feel.  The table settings were beautiful with water goblets and individual tea cups:). Your tea is served in personal tea pots and it was good!  I'm not a big tea fan but I really liked it!!  And lunch was delicious!

Then afterwards we just sat and talked for several hours!  Just a lovely, relaxing and good afternoon!  Hopefully we will be able to repeat the afternoon a few more times in the next four months!!  I recommend finding a charming tea house and just relax with friends for an afternoon!  

Friday, January 1, 2016

365 Things to Smile About Day 146 & 147. Encouragement is Amazing!!!

So yesterday and today were two big holidays...New Years Eve and New Years Day.  I am not a big party person and actually had a nice evening home with my parents watching The Happiest Millionaire (which, by the way I completely recommend!  It is an old movie with Fred McMurry and will make you laugh crazy hard!).    Anyway, I was going to come up with a blog about making New Years resolutions and how I have them and I do and I will get to those in another post but right now I want to write about something that happened when I logged in to blog tonight.

I don't often get comments on my blog and thats ok.  I started this because I needed something to pull me out of a really bad funk.  And I actually continue to lean on this when I get down.  But today I got a lovely and amazingly encouraging comment on my last post.  It made me think about encouragement and how it helps you in moving forward.  One of the things I love about the cancer support pages I follow like Stupid Cancer and Kick Endometrial Cancer in the Face is that we can start threads asking for advice or a few words for help and it will start a long thread of amazing encouragement!  The comment I got was just like that!  It made me smile and laugh so much!  I was completely delighted that something I am doing...as small as it is...helps someone!  I feel a little less selfish in writing theses for myself seeing that someone else can get something from it too:).  

So I am encouraging people to reach out when something they read or hear or see touches them and makes them stop and think or smile.  Wether online or in person.  Give that person or group a little encouragement because it can make the day of someone you don't even know!  Compliment someone on their clothes, or hair, or well behaved kids or just smile at people and see them smile back!  Make comments on their posts or blogs.  To move forward we all need encouragement!  Wether it is a compliment or more, like telling someone your story and making a connection there, it will help you and that person move forward no matter what they are dealing with in their life.  Encouragement is amazing and everyone needs it.  So lets all start making a difference in small ways by encouraging others.