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Spending an afternoon at Marymount during my internship!

My rocks!

My rocks!
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Walking for my Masters. An interesting book end as this all started when I graduated from undergrad!

Awesome Nurses!

Awesome Nurses!
After my port removal and saying goodbye to my chemo nurses before moving away from Michigan. Wouldn't be doing that without them!

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Last Chemo

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things To Look Forward To.

This has been a rather difficult chemo recovery.  I truly discovered nausea for the first time and spent two days in bed not eating and several more days in bed slowly starting to eat again.  In fact, I'm still spending more time in bed than out but am back to eating enough to sustain a person!

Last night I found myself talking to my mom about my fears and how they seemed to be all i could think about.  She very wisely told me that when that starts happening it is likely the old boy wiggling his way in trying to stop me from fighting.  So we started talking about plans for after chemo.

I realized I had stopped making concrete plans for afterwards...being too afraid I would have to cancel them for some reason.  But I need to pull out of that and start planning again!  After all, my last chemo is only a short 5 weeks away now!  And I'm determined to conquer this unwarrented fear that the doctor will find cancer some where else now!

So things I'm definitely planning for after chemo!!

1. Pumpkin carving on Halloween!
2. A birthday / chemo is over party the weekend before Thanksgiving!
3. A trip to Virginia for New Years and a much longed for reunion with friends!
4. Walks as I regain energy and strength through the fall colors!
5. Clothes shopping for cloths that fit me!
6. Being able to sew again!!
7. Visiting my brother and his family in Battle Creek!  (miss you guys!)
8. Seeing as many family members as possible!
9. Gong to hang out with my grandma a lot more often!
11. Going to church on Sunday!

I'm sure there are so many more things on the list that will get added too:).  And this isn't even my Bucket List!  This is my Lets Get Back To Normal Life list!!


Ginny said...

What about driving up skyline drive?

Or taking part in a corn maze?

Having long phone conversations with friends.

Really celebrating your graduation with all your VA friends!

Sitting in the Daily Grind drinking cof...er tea. And maybe seeing a llama go down the street again :)

Finally writing that book.

Catherine said...

Lol!!! Perfect additions Ginny!!!!